Happy Birthday CM Connect!

One year ago, Michael Chanley launched CM Connect as a free resource for those involved in children’s ministry to network with each other.

When I first heard about CM Connect from my friend Todd McKeever, I thought to myslef, “Great! Another place I have to keep track of!” I was already a part of Kidology, on Facebook and was getting into Twitter. The last thing I needed was another social network to keep track of. I decided to join, though, and give it a try.

I was floored to see how quickly it grew and the many connections that were made as well as all the groups that popped up and conversations that were happening. As of me writing this post (4 days before you are reading this), there are 4,379 members.

Recently, I’ve been able to become friends with Michael and hear his heart. He is a natural-born connector and has a desire to help those in ministry to freely network, connect and share with each other.

Since starting CM Connect, Michael has gone on to start SM Connect for student ministries, Parent Unity for parents and families, and PM Connect for preachers, ministers and missionaries.

If you haven’t already joined CM Connect, what are you waiting for? Sign up, interact, join groups, chat, and lots more!

You can find out more about Michael Chanley on his blog. You can also catch Michael periodically as a co-host on the monthly CM Edge podcast.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday CM Connect!

  1. Happy Birthday, CM Connect!
    Michael Chanley is bomb.

    Thanks for sharing this great resource with your readers, Henry!

  2. […] thought that since I highlighted CM Connect yesterday because of it’s first birthday, I would mention another great online […]

  3. jcisonline says:

    yeah thanks for pumping this out to Peeps Henry…

    CMconnect rocks and so do you!! Two must bookmarks if you are in kidmin!!

  4. thanks Henry… et. al.

    It's a blessing and honor to be able to serve you.

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