Their are times in the life of every ministry when we need a third set of eyes to take a look at what’s going on and help us get to that “next level.” I’d love to help move your children’s ministry forward by taking you through a process of discovering untapped potential, uncovering hidden resources and strategically planning for effective ministry.

Consulting Expertise

  • Aligning mission, vision and practices of children’s ministry
  • Transitions in a children’s ministry (staff changes, reworking mission, changing curriculum, exploring new ministry models/paradigms)
  • Missional children’s ministry
  • Partnering with parents/family ministry
  • Social media/marketing strategies for communication and teaching
  • Getting unstuck/creative brainstorming sessions

Consulting Options

  • Intensive Consulting/Training Weekend
    • Do a volunteer training event on a Saturday. Observe a weekend service. Meet with you and your leadership team for consulting and strategic planning
  • Strategic Consulting Session
    • Observe a weekend service and meet with your leadership team for consulting and determining a strategic plan for effective ministry
  • Personally Tailored Consulting
    • We will work out a consulting plan that is tailored for your specific needs

All consulting options include a written report with identified areas of strength and improvement as well as a summary of the consulting session and strategic next steps. I am also available for followup consult virtually via phone or video chat.

Please fill out the contact form below or call me at 415-779-6646 so we can talk about how best I can help you move forward in children’s ministry.

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