• Do you have huge dreams and vision that keep you awake at night?
  • Are you wanting to grow in your capacity as a leader and an individual?
  • Do you feel stuck sometimes wishing you could move forward even if it was only an inch?
  • Have you put too many desires on the backburner?
  • Do you have a sense that your schedule is starting to control you?
  • Is your job or life feeling mundane? Are you simply going through the motions?

If your answer to any of those is, “Yes!” then coaching might be for you.

When you enter into a coacing relationship with someone, you are thrust into focusing on what it might take for you to move forward. In a coaching relationship, your coach takes your hand and becomes another set of eyes to help you take a look at the landscape of your life and help uncover those resources and motivations you already have in order to take those steps forward.

If you’re ready to move forward and see if coaching is right for you, let’s talk!

Coaching FAQ

How does this coaching thing work?

We spend that first call talking about how coaching works, what coaching sessions look like and what you are hoping to get out of being coached. We also determine whether or not coaching is the best fit. We also go over the coaching agreement to see and see if you can commit to the it.

There are two coaching options (which include a Leading From Your Strengths profile):

    • 6-month Executive Children’s Ministry Leaderhship Coaching Agreement (12 1-hour sessions)
    • 3-month Children’s Ministry Coaching Agreement (6 1-hour sessions)

How is coaching through Kidmin and Culture different from coaching/mentoring networks?

Coaching through Kidmin and Culture is one-on-one whereas coaching/mentoring networks usually consist primarily of group sessions that may or may not include one-on-one time with the network leader. Also, coaching through Kidmin and Culture is completely tailored to fit your needs in moving forward. Coaching/mentoring networks are more geared to be driven by some sort of formal or informal curriculum that is sometimes tweaked to fit the needs of the entire group. Check out this great post on what coaching is and isn’t.

Is personal coaching the best choice for me?

Personal coaching isn’t a cure-all and isn’t for everyone. We can determine if personal coaching is the route that is best for you during that initial phone call. For some people and situations, a coaching/mentoring network is best. For others, working with a consultant is the best route. Each person and each situation is different.

Fill in the contact form below so we can talk about how coaching can help you move forward


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