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The Spectacle that is Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham


(graphic from BioLogos)

I shared this on Facebook, but I thought I’d share here in light of what I see as pointless posturing from two sides of multifaceted and nuanced understandings of a much larger conversation on origins.

BioLogos has a series of posts on the whole Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye “showdown”. I encourage you to hop on over to their site and read those posts. I have the utmost respect for BioLogos and what they are doing to engage in dialogue concerning faith and science.

Stuff like this adds to the alienation of those of us who don’t see this issue as one vs. the other or “us” vs. “them”. It also reinforces shallow caricatures of “Godless academics” and “Ignorant Christians.”

Rather than tuning into tonight’s rhetorical circus, I suggest picking up a book like Sigmund Brouwer’s “Who Made the Moon?: A Father Explores How Faith and Science Agree”, which offers what I believe is a better way to explore faith and science with your kids.

What are some other resources out there helping people explore faith and science that don’t resort to “us” vs. “them” dichotomies?

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