Walk 4 Water

This past Saturday, Menlo Park Presbyterian Children’s Ministry held an even called Walk 4 Water. For the summer, we wanted the children to raise money towards a specific missions project. We chose to partner with World Vision to build a well in Ethiopia, which would amount to $2,600 over June and July. In addition to Sunday mornings, we had those kids who were a part of our Zapped Day Camp and Creative Kids Camp also give towards the well project.

The Walk 4 Water event was meant to help kids and families experience a little of what it might be like to walk some distance to retrieve water and bring it back. We also wanted to create some intentional conversation around the issue of those who don’t have access to clean water in the world. Families walked half a mile to a home of someone from the church carrying buckets. They filled up their buckets and returned to the church where they weighed their buckets comparing their weights to the 44 pounds most women carry on average.

We weren’t sure how many people would participate. At the end of the day, there were 190 parents and kids who walked! There were even some people from the neighborhood who saw what we were doing and joined in! We raised over $1400 that day!

Take a look at the video of some highlights from Walk 4 Water. (Just FYI, as of our final count we’ve collected just over $4800 from the kids! That’s almost 2 wells!)


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