Orange 12: Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley shared about the one thing that drives healthy staff culture.

Mark 10:34-45


Healthy and productive staff cultures are characterized by mutual submission.

The purpose of the leader is to lift everyone else up.

Everyone is essential in an organization. There are no non-essential people.

The question mutual submission asks: “How can I help you?”

The problem: A view of the “Old Testament” priest of someone with a “special” anointing. It’s just not true! We all are anointed. Until everyone understands that, you won’t have a staff culture of mutual submission.

If you are anointed then you should be the best server.

1. Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone. Don’t buy into the myth that you have to do it for everyone. Do not be fair. Be engaged!

2. Systematize top-down service.

3. Create and maintain a sustainable pace. If not, ministry becomes ME-nistry.

4. Celebrate and reward mutual submission when you see it. What’s rewarded is repeated. What’s punished is avoided. What’s neither rewarded or punished gets neglected.

5. Confront your ego. If you have a big ego, then let your staff know.

6. Drop the term loyalty from your vocabulary. It didn’t make it into the fruit of the spirit. If you need to demand loyalty, you’ve got a loyalty issues.

Where to start: How can I help?


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