Orange 12: My GameChanging Story

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Reggie probably doesn’t remember this, but 10 years ago my wife and I had lunch with him at a conference put on by Kidz Blitz called Fresh Air. I was in my second year as a full time children’s pastor. That conference was the first time I heard Reggie share his passion for what it might look like to actively partner with parents. Reggie asked me tough questions about ministry, my church, and my calling. He challenged me to not settle for the easy answer or the status quo. That was a gamechanger for me. I remember going back to my room with my wife that night and bawling because his challenge awakened boxed up dreams and desires to help families become fully devoted to Christ and his Kingdom mission in this world. That moment shaped my approach to all that I’ve done. 

Ever since then, I’ve had the deepest respect for Reggie. Over the past 10 years I’ve seen him continually grow and learn and practice the advice he gave me: not to settle for the easy answer or the status quo.

At the opening session of Orange 12, Reggie did it again! He didn’t back away from what he knew needed to be shared. He challenged each of us to admit to the messiness of the Gospel and live in the tension of that mess. (I’ll blog more about that in another post.)

Thank you, Reggie, for unknowingly being a mentor and gamechanger from afar.

There’s one more day of the Orange Conference left. It’s my hope to gather some other Gamechanger stories from people here and share them with you.

Have you had a gamechanger moment in your life? What was it? How did it change you?

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All entries must be done by 11:59 p.m. (PST) on February 8, 2013. I will randomly choose a winner.

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4 thoughts on “Orange 12: My GameChanging Story

  1. Gamechanger for me was attending CPC in Dallas in 2002 and hearing Josh McDowell share from his findings (that resulted in the book Beyond Beliefs to Convictions). I started to see kidmin in the church as going beyond children, and actually seeing the faces of the parents who were with the kids. Before that, I guess I always thought the kids showed up on their own and never realized they were part of a family unit that was way more influential that I was.

  2. Doug Olson says:

    I’ve had several game changing events this past year. The first is taking the faith leap from full time teacher to full time ministry. Then I was able to experience both CPC and Orange for the first time. That was amazing! This year I think the game changer will be my ordination into Gosple ministry as a children’s pastor. I would love the opportunity to attend Orange again this year!

  3. 4 years ago I came to my 1st orange conference. We didn’t use any of the orange curriculum but I knew we needed to. Prayed about it, God gave us a plan. Today we use first look with our preschoolers, it has changed our preschool! Kids are learning gods word and loving worship! Our team is incredible. God made us, he loves us and wants to be our forever friend. Teaching that simple truth is Life!

  4. Andrew says:

    The heart of the gospel has been a passion of mine for years. Orange has really inspired me to help students and families become life-long disciples of Jesus Christ, so that we can reverse the number of students that are ditching their faith after high school. A game changer for me was when the church I was a youth pastor at resisted and eventually told me we could not do the orange vision in our ministry. Through a lot of prayer, heartbreak, and fear…my wife and I decided to join a newer church plant that would allow our vision, and the orange vision to take hold from scratch in all areas of the church ministry. We left behind the security of a full time job, benefits (with a two year old!), and “numbers” to join a team sold out for Christ and his mission…and God has given us what we have needed to make it through…as well as provided fruit from an exciting ministry. A huge game changer for us, but one that has solidified to us Gods incredible plan.

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