Getting My Blog On at Orange 12!!

In just a few short days, I’ll be boarding a jet plane heading for Atlanta! It’s Orange Conference time!

For the past few months, I’ve been pretty quiet here on the blog. With being a husband and dad, going to school and working part time at the church, I haven’t had time for any non-essential writing or projects. For three or so days beginning on April 25, though, I’ll be dusting off the WordPress dashboard and working the keyboard to blog about the Orange Conference. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m joining a group of other bloggers who’ll be sharing about our experiences at Orange. The other exciting thing is that I will be at Orange with the entire MPPC children’s ministry team as well as a couple of people from out Open Door Church campus in Mountain View. I can’t wait!

I’ve had the privilege to blog at different conferences and have blogged different ways. I’ve done live blogging, blogged my notes, interviewed people, etc. I’m taking a cue from my good friend (and fellow Orange blogger) Amy Dolan and putting this question to you. What would you like me to blog about while I’m at Orange? What would be the greatest blessing to you… especially those of you who aren’t able to be there? Leave a comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Getting My Blog On at Orange 12!!

  1. Ron Brooks says:

    I enjoy reading posts that cover information in the different sessions. I am sure that you will cover your share of that kind of info. I have not been able to attend a conference like this before, so being able to read about them is often the next best thing.
    Last year I was able to attend the CMX expo in Lexington. There were some mini sessions with some great speakers, and some great exhibitors. One of the things I enjoyed more than either of these was meeting new people and getting the know them, share stories about our ministry, exchange ideas and ask questions. What if, in the midst of all of the action, you take some time to introduce us to some of the people that you meet? I am sure that a lot of your time will be spent networking and meeting new people. Share some of those people and conversations with us.
    No matter what angle you take, thanks for taking the time to share anything with the rest us us. It is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your time there!

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