Missional Children's Ministry | Experience God's Love

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Sara Alfred)

As families and children discover who God is in their lives, they are able to experience his love for them in a way that transcends moods and feelings. Of all of the phases missional children’s ministries want families and children to go through, this is the hardest to describe.

Missional children’s ministries want families and children to move beyond a love that serves as a transaction between them and God. They want families and children to experience a love that transforms their lives. This kind of love requires an intangible, intimate, and vulnerable reception of God’s immeasurable love for humankind. It requires a humbling realization that people are broken images of God who are undeserving of God’s love yet open themselves to the Holy Spirit knowing they can do nothing to adequately reciprocate his love for them. In so surrendering to God’s love, it is the hope of missional children’s ministries that families and children love God and love others. (1 John 4:9-12)

What are some ways we can help children and families experience this kind of love? It’s not like we can manufacture experiences, but is there a way to facilitate these experiences? What would they look like? What would you add or change?

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