Help Elemental CM…

win this year’s Kids Ministry Blog Madness competition over at Ministry-to-Children. Tony Kummer is hosting a fun competition among several children’s ministry blogs, and I’m up against some big hitters in my bracket like Karl Bastian, Greg Baird, Michael Chanley, David Wakerly, and Justyn Smith. While all those guys have bigger followings than I do, I know that each of you in the Elemental CM community are oriented toward action!

So hop on over to Ministry-to-Children and be sure to vote for Elemental CM! Let’s win this thing!


5 thoughts on “Help Elemental CM…

  1. Wayne Stocks says:

    Yes, go vote for Henry. A vote for Henry is a vote for our future.

    Oh, and while you’re there, go ahead and vote for Dad in the Middle (3rd Seed in the East) and Kidmin1124 (7th Seed in the West).

    This plug brought to you by the Shameless Self Promotion Tour 2011 (Self-Promotion Remixed!)

  2. Jared M says:

    Henry forgot to mention it, but he really wants you to vote for Small Town Kidmin in the Southwest Regional. Why does Henry want this? Henry loves a good wild goose chase and everyone knows that Small Town Kidmin trying to win is a chase.
    So, if you love Henry’s blog, you are going to want to help him out by voting for Small Town Kidmin. It’d make him really happy.

  3. […] It’s a fun and light-hearted competition that comes with serious bragging rights. As I’ve stated before, I’m up against some bloggers with significant numbers of followers, so I need all the help I […]

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