Repost: Staying Dynamic in Children's Ministry – #7 It's Not About You

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7. It’s Not About You

It’s not even about children’s ministry… or the kids, really. We get so caught up in what we are doing that we develop tunnel vision. When that happens, we shut down all that is available to us to stay dynamic. We become blind to all that is around us. We create a bubble of our own reality and, in essence, create a CM-osphere (that’s a cross between a bioshpere and children’s ministry). OK, that’s a bit cheesy and maybe even geeky, but you get the picture.

In order to stay dynamic, you have to realize that children’s ministry isn’t a creature unto itself. It is affected by everything around it. It’s so easy for us to focus on what we are doing and champion only what we are doing and demand resources for only what we are doing. While what we do is important, children’s ministry is only a microcosm of what God is doing in the world. If we become self-centerd and selfish, then we stop being dynamic.

We need to expand our idea of children’s ministry beyond anything we’ve imagined. We need to see children’s ministry as more than just ministry to kids. It’s even more than just ministry to families and the volunteers in our ministry. Children’s ministry involves the entire church… it is part of the entire church. Children’s ministry needs to serve other staff members. Children’s ministry needs to serve the community. As we broaden our view of children’s ministry, then it opens up opportunities and ideas that we would have never imagined on our own had we circled the wagons and listen only to others in children’s ministry.

What are some ways that you have stepped outside of “children’s ministry” and interacted with areas not directly related to children’s ministry? How has seeing children’s ministry as more than just children’s ministry kept what you do dynamic?

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