You Can Polish Kidmin Turd!

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One of my all-time favorite Mythbusters episodes is when Adam and Jamie attempt to polish poop. Apparently you can! Not that I’d try… ummm…. moving on!

Now before I get a barraged about what I mean when I say “Kidmin Turd,” let me clarify that I am talking about our educational paradigms. Most of us still hold on to an informational paradigm. That means we focus primarily on a teacher-student model where teachers dispense right information and kids take that information in. It doesn’t really matter if that information is being dispensed in an entertaining way or if that information is being taught lecture style. When we focus primarily on making sure kids get the “right” information, then we are working from an informational paradigm.

This methodology of teaching is the turd I am speaking of.

The hope in all of this is that you can polish turd! While I think we need to completely revamp and rethink our educational paradigms, I know that we can’t all do that immediately. A revolution of that magnitude is going to take incremental steps. Luckily, we can polish turd and take our current educational methodologies and tweak them to move towards a more transformational and experiential approach to education.

My friend, Robin Dugall, posting the following video on his blog that takes a look at the educational system (science education to be exact) and how what is being done now is not working. I encourage you to set aside some time and watch this 27 minute video (I know that is a long time for most of you). It will be well worth your time to glean from his insights and apply them to our challenges in imparting spiritual truths to children. (Plus, you’ll find out how he references polished turd!)

Dr. Tae — Building A New Culture Of Teaching And Learning from Dr. Tae on Vimeo.

One of my favorite things in this video was his emphasis on students learning by experience rather than by lecture. He let the kids discover scientific principles rather than simply pointing them out. He, as the teacher, was there to keep them on the right track rather than simply dispense info. What would kidmin look like if we took an approach like that? Yes, it seems a bit scary at first, but imagine what a kid’s spirituality look like if he, along with the Holy Spirit, discovered who God was without having to be told who God was first. It’s hard to think that is possible, but I’ve seen it happen in my own kids as well as in hundreds of kids I’ve pastored in the past ten years.

What are your thoughts about the video? What did you agree with? What did you disagree with? I’d love to hear!


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