What Matters Now in Children's Ministry Book Sells 100 Copies!

Yeah, yeah, I know that 100 copies isn’t a huge thing in the publishing world, but when you put your own money upfront to get a project you believe in off the ground, 100 copies is huge! So to celebrate Matt coming out of the red on this project, the print version of What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry is available for $6.99 for the month of December. That’s $3 off the regular price! Simply enter the discount code “JSH7Z7GW” when you check out. They’ll make great gifts for your leadership team, senior pastor and volunteers! And just in case you’re worried, the ebook is still available for free.

I can’t believe that it’s barely been a year since Matt Guevara, Amy Dolan and I began collaborating together on this. We’ve been so excited at how many people have begun conversations around the question of “What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry.” Be watching in 2011! There’s more coming from What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry including a video edition which will be streamed for FREE as well as a global edition that will include contributor from different areas of the world. A huge thanks to all the contributors to the original project and upcoming projects as well as a huge thank you to all of you who have downloaded and/or bought the book!


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