Look, Mother! I've Taken Over Henry's Blog!

Hello, Michael Here! What’s that, Pierre? We shouldn’t be blogging on Henry’s page? Well how else would we be able to tell everyone about the Launch of the What’s in the Bible? Curriculum. Have Mother drive us to their houses? There is no way she’ll do that, Pierre. Well because she is a busy lady and has lots of errands to run today. What do you mean, Pierre? Hacking someone’s blog isn’t wrong to do if you have something really important to say… Mother, would you tell these blog readers that we hacked Henry’s site to tell everyone that the What’s in the Bible? Curriculum launched this week? It’s really great for kids at church!

Check it out! And if you want to buy the full 4-week set for your church, enter my name, michael, at check out and receive 10% off!

Press play, Mother. I think these people want to watch a video of me. No, Mother its the button in the middle of the screen that says “Play Video”…


5 thoughts on “Look, Mother! I've Taken Over Henry's Blog!

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Henry Zonio and Henry Zonio, erickgoss. erickgoss said: Reading: "Look, Mother! I’ve Taken Over Henry’s Blog! | Elemental Children's Ministry" ( http://bit.ly/c3BrG8 ). Another character hack! […]

  2. Lori says:

    Henry You ROCK! We love Star Wars and What’s in the Bible in our house.

  3. […] it took me a whole day or so to regain control of my blog after Michael hacked it! Don’t let his youth fool you (or his affinity for Star Wars). He’s one smart […]

  4. […] was looking through my archives for a graphic image for the What’s in the Bible Curriculum launch I was a part of last week and ran across this post from August 2010. A year later, pursuing a crazy God thing, and I’m […]

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