Shining a Light on Being Orange

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Shyam Subramaniam)

Orange is made up of two colors: red and yellow. In the Orange Philosophy, red represents the family. Yellow represents the church. I really like the image Reggie Joiner uses in Think Orange of the church being like the lampstand that was placed in the Old Testament tabernacle casting it’s light upon God’s Word.

I agree with Sam Luce that in our quest to be Orange, many times we let our desires to partner with parents and provide parents with the tools they need to be the best spiritual parents they can be, we forget that the prime directive of the church is to point people to Jesus. The church needs to be that light which illuminates the Word.

How do we do that, though? How does the church shine a light on Jesus so that families and everyone else can see him clearly? What is our role as the church in pointing the way to Christ? (HT: Christine Yount)

When you take a look at the resources out there in Christian publishing world, there is a lot of information! We have no lack of information. Church curriculums are modeled after traditional educational models of passing on information to students. We are told what Bible stories children need to know, what verses they need to learn and what lessons they should be gleaning. We even prescribe ways they can continue to ingest the information and then give them prizes for being able to regurgitate all of that information. For the past couple hundred years, the church has worked on the assumption that he best way to illuminate Jesus was to pass on right knowledge. The problem with that model is that right information does not necessarily lead to right transformation.

In our desires to become more Orange, churches need to refocus their light and facilitate transformation. Information is important. Biblical literacy is important! But gorging people on right teaching will not automatically produce life transformation. We need to illuminate Christ and then allow the Holy Spirit room to do what only he can do: transform.

We need to point people to the Story of God… a story of the redemption of creation. We need to encourage people to find their place in that Story. It is a Story that should move us to action in the world around us.

  • What are some ways you make room for the Holy Spirit to transform lives?
  • Do you have transformational goals for those in your church? What are they?
  • How can a church make the shift from an informational model of discipleship to a transformational one?

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5 thoughts on “Shining a Light on Being Orange

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  4. I have to tell you-I already visited their site and registered to volunteer! I’ve been accepted!!!!

    I was telling someone at Lifeway last night about meeting you last year. God SOOO orchestrated that meeting!

    I am so happy to see you back on-line and blogging again! Can’t wait to see everything you’re getting into these days!

    • henryjz says:

      That’s awesome, Theresa. I’m blessed to know you and flattered that you still read my blog. I only hope that I can find a schedule that works to regularly post.

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