Seeing Orange This Week?

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by inabeanpod)

Please do not adjust your computer screen. If your newsreader seems to be spitting out a lot of orange this week, have no fear. You have not been transported to a new dimension where all you see or read about is orange. It’s Orange Week! Last year, Kenny Conley dedicated an entire week to blogging about a philosophy put out by Reggie Joiner and the people over at ReThink called Orange.

If you are unfamiliar with Orange, it is the idea that in order to effectively pass on faith to kids the home (represented by the color red) and the church (represented by the color yellow) need to combine forces (thus getting the color orange). That’s the official Henry Zonio paraphrase. For a more comprehensive explanation of Orange, check out

When I set up my blogging schedule to look back at the general sessions from Orange 2010, I was unaware that this same week would be Orange Week. Funny how that works out… If you haven’t already, I encourage you to follow all the amazing bloggers who are a part of this year’s blogging event. You can check out a list of the bloggers as well as a schedule of topics over at ChildrensMinistryOnline. I’ll still be putting up my Revisiting Orange 2010 posts this week, but I will also throw in some other posts contributing to Orange Week. Boy, what a way to jump back into blogging!

I’d love to hear from you!

  • What are you doing to combine the influences of church and home to pass on faith to kids?
  • What challenges have you come up against when trying to partner with parents?

Don’t forget to check out Orange 2011. Registration begins next Tuesday, October 5. If you haven’t attended, then you need to put April 27-29, 2011 on your calendars and plan on attending! If you register on October 5, then you only pay $240 per person! That is a $60 per person savings! Don’t miss out!


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