I'll See Ya in a Week!

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Mastery of Maps)

If I had been a good scheduled blogger, then I would have written a bunch of posts that would be scheduled to show up over the next few days. I’m not that good right now 🙂 I’m going on vacation to the Magic Kingdom as well as some of the other parks at Disney World. So hold down the blogosphere for me while I’m gone.

I may go through withdrawals…


4 thoughts on “I'll See Ya in a Week!

  1. amyedolan says:

    oh! if you only had a spreadsheet that helped organize your blogs while you were away! 🙂 have a great vacation!

  2. Pastor Jared says:

    I hope you don't read this until you get back and I hope you had a stinkin awesome time!

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