Orange 2010 Breakout Notes – Communicating and Culture with Julie Pierce

  • 3:47 PM: henryjz Brailling the Culture
  • 3:47 PM: henryjz Running your fingers along the trend bumps and asking the question “So What?”
  • 3:48 PM: henryjz How do you find out about trends?
  • 3:48 PM: henryjz Look at popular books, magazines, take a look at the ads
  • 3:49 PM: henryjz Retail is another outlet to look at… look for colors, displays, etc.
  • 3:50 PM: henryjz Take a look at Apple, IKEA, and some other edgier companies… also look at how they do customer service
  • 3:50 PM: henryjz Look at movies… those with buzz whether they are in the box office or not
  • 3:50 PM: henryjz Look at TV… what’s the new show getting a lot of hype, what are ppl talking about?
  • 3:51 PM: henryjz Take a look at art
  • 3:51 PM: henryjz Take a look at music… who’s getting air time and play, what genres are getting more attention, why?
  • 3:51 PM: henryjz Take a look at sports… what’s hot and why
  • 3:52 PM: henryjz Take a look at tech… what apps are hot, what is it about those things
  • 3:52 PM: henryjz the big thing right now is community
  • 3:53 PM: henryjz As we “braille the culture” what do we do with it?
  • 3:53 PM: henryjz You notice themes… is there something that we need to do or respond to?
  • 3:54 PM: henryjz Let’s look at some big trends in culture right now…
  • 3:54 PM: henryjz 1. Get Real – idea of being authentic
  • 3:54 PM: henryjz organic is big
  • 3:55 PM: henryjz people are tired of “faking it” esp 20-somethings
  • 3:56 PM: henryjz How do we peel away masks? How do we tell “real” stories? How do we accept mess?
  • 3:58 PM: henryjz 2. Tribe Me – friends are becoming family… becoming part of groups that “validate” them because of spreading out of ppl from bio families
  • 3:58 PM: henryjz How can we help volunteers and families connect in to community? How can we help them form a new tribe?
  • 3:59 PM: henryjz 3. Life in a Blender – life is more hectic and aspects run into each other
  • 4:00 PM: henryjz How do we “blend” programs and events? How do we meet multiple needs at one time?
  • 4:01 PM: henryjz 4. The Electric Hive – people are going back to their homes… hardly having anything to leave your home for
  • 4:03 PM: henryjz Does a family really have to leave home for “this?” Is this something that can happen in their home or neighborhood? How about training? Can it be done and accessible on volunteer/parent terms? Can you “blend” that with other things?
  • 4:03 PM: henryjz 5. Care for the Cause – saving our society
  • 4:03 PM: henryjz We see social justice all over the place. People want to be a part of something bigger.
  • 4:03 PM: henryjz How are you connecting in with the mission of what God is doing in the world? How are you helping parents and children to connect as well?
  • 4:07 PM: henryjz 6. Local
  • 4:08 PM: henryjz what kind of neighbor are we? what kind of community citizen are we? what kind of footprint/impact do we have on our local community?
  • 4:11 PM: henryjz The Story is what we have to focus on
  • 4:12 PM: henryjz The question to ask is “What is the story you are telling?” when you are talking with people
  • 4:12 PM: henryjz There is a core msg you have to share, and there is a story that goes with it
  • 4:13 PM: henryjz Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath is great on telling story
  • 4:16 PM: henryjz Julie is sharing an example of a story
  • 4:18 PM: henryjz The setting of the story as well as how it’s told makes all the difference
  • 4:21 PM: henryjz all done!

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