Orange 2010 PreConference #2 Notes – Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy by John Saddington

  • 2:05 PM: henryjz John is doing some intro stuff showing his projects
  • 2:06 PM: henryjz
  • 2:06 PM: henryjz Why have a social media strategy?
  • 2:07 PM: henryjz answers from ppl: communicate, look competent, protection, connection/relationship building
  • 2:07 PM: henryjz John: so that you are more effective at what you are communicating
  • 2:08 PM: henryjz tech should help you do what you are already doing, just better
  • 2:09 PM: henryjz shouldn’t be at the cost of destroying context and historicity (we think he made that term up)
  • 2:09 PM: henryjz Strategy and Method – P.O.S.T. method
  • 2:11 PM: henryjz A strategy is not a tool (e.g. Facebook is not a strategy… it’s part of your implementation of a strategy)
  • 2:12 PM: henryjz We leverage tech and tools not governed by spirit or motivated by church; we need to develop strategies on dependent on them… strategies need to be “Tool Agnostic”
  • 2:12 PM: henryjz P- people
  • 2:12 PM: henryjz four questions
  • 2:13 PM: henryjz 1. Who will use this? Who is our target audience? The more targeting you are, the more successful you will be in the long run.
  • 2:15 PM: henryjz 2. Who will champion it? Who will be behind it? Who will be accountable for it to work?
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz 3. Who will be responsible for executing? Who will do the work?
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz 4. Who is not participating? It doesn’t have to be all inclusive
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz Objectives
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz 4 questions about objectives
  • 2:16 PM: henryjz 1. What are you trying to accomplish? Be as specific as you can
  • 2:17 PM: henryjz 2. Is your goal to educate or inform? They are two different things
  • 2:18 PM: henryjz 3. are we energizing or evaluating?
  • 2:19 PM: henryjz 4. How do you measure the metrics of success?
  • 2:20 PM: henryjz Question: How do you do metrics with social media?
  • 2:21 PM: henryjz It’s trial and error… it’s pretty hard; social media metrics is like a mist so the more specific and concrete your target the easier it is to have metrics
  • 2:21 PM: henryjz Steps
  • 2:21 PM: henryjz 4 questions to ask about practical next steps
  • 2:22 PM: henryjz 1. What is the timeline and schedule? Startup date? How long will it last? When do we need those systems in place?
  • 2:22 PM: henryjz 2. Budget? Cost?
  • 2:23 PM: henryjz 3. What are your people resources? (Tech doesn’t make life easier. It makes it more complicated.) Dedicated resources are crucial, so people need to man these properties used for social media
  • 2:25 PM: henryjz 4. Decision-making tree? Who is accountable for all of this? Who is telling who to do what?
  • 2:26 PM: henryjz Technology
  • 2:26 PM: henryjz 4 questions
  • 2:27 PM: henryjz 1. Tech is not a tool
  • 2:27 PM: henryjz 2. Focus on your goals, KISS (keep it simple stupid)
  • 2:27 PM: henryjz It’s better to have specific tools that help you execute rather than one that does everything.
  • 2:28 PM: henryjz 3. Do due dilligence. Have patience. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should.
  • 2:29 PM: henryjz If you feel rushed because of tech, you are in the wrong spot
  • 2:29 PM: henryjz 4. Build relationships. You need to find ppl to help you with tech stuff.
  • 2:31 PM: Pastor Jared Henry this is great stuff! Thanks for doing this.
  • 2:31 PM: henryjz Jared – you are welcome
  • 2:39 PM: henryjz Now it’s time for Q and A
  • 2:39 PM: henryjz Q: When you’ve decided to pull the plug, how do you do it?
  • 2:40 PM: henryjz A: You just do it. If someone comes up and liked it, then empower them to do it
  • 2:40 PM: henryjz Q: Ideas from North Point of engaging ppl through social media
  • 2:41 PM: henryjz A: Used it for specific targets for specific amounts of time. (e.g. had a specific social media project set up on FB just for the time it ran) It’s OK to run things for specific periods of time.
  • 2:42 PM: henryjz Q: What percentage of resources used strategically in social media?
  • 2:43 PM: henryjz A: It depends on your context. What are you able to do? What works? What is effective for you?
  • 2:48 PM: henryjz Q: Advice on balance of commercialization and feedback
  • 2:48 PM: henryjz A: Think multiple choice test. Give them few options and limited way to answer.
  • 2:49 PM: henryjz Q: How do you keep from having all the “baggage” that comes with using tech… like all the garbage that shows up?
  • 2:53 PM: henryjz A: That’s where you try and get strategies that are “Tool Agnostic.” Have policies that dictate what is and isn’t allowable. Do as much research as you can and use applications that you have control over.
  • 2:55 PM: henryjz Q: How to increase traffic through Twitter and Facebook, etc.
  • 2:55 PM: henryjz A: Deveolop strategy, first. Then find a tool that helps you implement that. Use one tool at a time. Don’t dilute.
  • 2:55 PM: henryjz John’s soapbox 🙂
  • 2:56 PM: henryjz Why aren’t we the tech innovators in the church?
  • 2:58 PM: henryjz Ppl of God haven’t led technologically and probably never will.
  • 2:58 PM: henryjz That’s a good thing.
  • 2:58 PM: henryjz We haven’t banked on tech to win. We’ve banked on God to win
  • 3:01 PM: henryjz Our challenge isn’t to be tech innovators but to redeem the technologies and use them for purposes they were never intended to be used for
  • 3:02 PM: henryjz John should get on a soapbox more often!

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