It's Orange 2010! I'm Here! Finally!

Well, it’s official! I’m registered and ready for The Orange Conference 2010!

I’ve been wanting to come to one of these when it was called the Grow Up Conference a few years ago. And, then, last year a bunch of my blogging friends were here while I vicariously lived through their blogs and tweets. This year, I’m here!

I’ve been in full time children’s ministry and have attended many different conferences and workshops. I knew that Orange would be well organized, but I was not prepared to be wowed by the “ticket” (it was more like a welcome packet). Along with the ticket were maps, yes maps… They had a map for each day! And the only things marked on the map were the sessions I was attending! They personalized the maps! The rest of the ticket/packet outlined all of the questions I could ever want to know from what to wear (apparently you have to wear clothes according to the packet) to making sure my name badge was treated as if it were gold.

I got my official Orange bag complete with promotional items from vendors as well as a multitude of slips to fill out for drawings. In the past, I’ve brought mailing labels with my info on them, but this year I fogot! Can you say, “Writer’s cramp?”

I’m still trying to figure out all that I will be blogging about, unlike Amy Dolan who has a spreadsheet for everything 🙂 I plan on, at least, blogging about each preconference, breakout and session I’m attending. I’m thinking about also blogging about peoples’ stories here at Orange. Hey, I might even play around with putting up some video!

There’s so much I could write about right now, but I should really go to sleep so I’ll simply leave you with some pictures of the resources area.


2 thoughts on “It's Orange 2010! I'm Here! Finally!

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