Going to a Children's Ministry Conference in Your Underwear

OK, so you don’t have to go to this conference in your underwear, but you could if you wanted to! You wouldn’t even be thrown out… and that’s because you attend this conference from the comfort of your computer screen. Did I mention that this conference is FREE! Yes, FREE! I’m talking about the Children’s Ministry Telesummit.

The conference is June 21-22 and features many speakers you know and love as well as some relatively new faces. Here’s a list of them:

While the conference is free, you do still need to register. Registration will begin on June 7th. In addition to the speakers, there will also be a virtual resource hall where you can check out various resources as well as win some great stuff from the different vendors.

Be sure to check out the Blog Scavenger Hunt that is going on at the Children’s Ministry Telesummitsite. Two lucky winners will win a copy of Collaborate, the new book out from Minister’s Label by Michael Chanley + 34 other great contributors all on the subject of merging family and church to more effectively reach children.


2 thoughts on “Going to a Children's Ministry Conference in Your Underwear

  1. amy dolan says:

    i'm really excited about this event – and grateful for jeremy's creativity!

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