The Power of Story to Cast Vision

I know that many of you have probably seen this video, but for the few of you who haven’t… take a look at this recruitment video for preschool volunteers from Northpoint Kids. got the video from Northpoint’s blog, Inside Northpoint. Not only are the words and people compelling, but the chair used in the video is the chair that is used by people giving their salvation stories as part of their baptisms. What a powerful way to link the idea of story and stories of salvation with what is happening in the lives of children in those preschool years.

Now I have to go find some Kleenex to get this dang dust out of my eyes. It’s making me tear up.

How are you telling stories? How are you inviting people to help write the life story of children? How are you inviting children to find their place in the bigger Story?


5 thoughts on “The Power of Story to Cast Vision

  1. Pastor Jared says:

    That's some powerful stuff! And that is from a recruitment video. I love how they never say, would you like to work in the preschool department? They say, would you like to help write their story? Really reflects how they view ministry at their church.

  2. Peter Bierma says:

    Great perspective. I gave my leadership team an assignment recently along these lines:
    1) Take note of something God is doing in a child.
    2) Tell it to every parent you see for one Sunday (word of mouth, flyers, etc.).

    And of course there were some details and training, but that's the gist. I place a lot of marbles in "chasing after the stories" of what God is doing. One of these days I'll learn to articulate it as well as Northpoint or, you know, Henry.

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