TOMS One Day Without Shoes

I know that this isn’t necessarily directly related to children’s ministry… but it could be! I just found out about this! TOMS Shoes has declared Thursday, April 8 as One Day Without Shoes day as a way to bring awareness to the plight of millions all over the world (including children) who don’t have shoes to wear. The idea is to go a day or part of the day without shoes. I’m planning on doing it, and if I can do it with weather being in the lower 50’s, you can do it, too.

Check out the site for ways you can take part in the day. They also have some ways for those who can’t go shoeless to participate.


3 thoughts on “TOMS One Day Without Shoes

  1. quick commentary from the West Coast:

    I love TOMS shoes.
    I try to wear my pair as often as I can… especially when I'm interacting in ministry with children and families.
    I will be wearing them in Atlanta at the Orange Conference.
    That said…
    TOMS shoes are great because they can be catalysts for conversations… but we probably also need to recognize that they're turning a massive profit by marketing pain and suffering. I love that they leverage something that people are already doing (buying/wearing shoes) in a way that positively impacts lives of children across the globe.
    It's genius.
    I use my TOMS to start conversations about supporting children through organizations like Compassion.
    I'll be going barefoot tomorrow to do the same.

    • henryjz says:

      I need to get myself a pair. Don't have one, yet. I will be going barefoot, though… even if it is colder here than it is for you in sunny SoCal 🙂 Can't wait to connect with you at Orange!

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