Let's Buy A Tent For Someone In Haiti!

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Back in December, the Stuff Christians Like blog readers raised $60,000 to build two kindergartens in Vietnam through Samaritan’s Purse. It was so neat to see this happen in a matter of days. It was also inspiring to see the power of many people giving $5, $10, $25 and $100 gifts adding up quickly.

Well, I figure that if a blog like SCL can raise enough money to build two kindergartens, I’m sure that all of you in the Elemental Children’s Ministry community can give enough to buy one tent for people in Haiti.

I’ve been following a guy named Shaun King on Twitter for a while. If you don’t know who Shaun is, he’s a pretty charismatic guy (30 years old) who is the lead pastor of a pretty new church in the Atlanta area called Courageous Church. You can check out more of who he is via his blog Shaun in the City. I haven’t had a chance to actually meet or hear Shaun, but I get to attend a breakout he is doing at The Orange Conference at the end of April. I’m looking forward to it.

Ever since the earthquake hit, Shaun has been in the thick of things trying to get help to different areas of Haiti. He’s been using his influence with churches and his network to help make a dent in alleviating some of the suffering in Haiti. Most recently, he has launched an initiative called aHomeinHaiti.ORG. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to provide real homes for people in Haiti, but it is being done in phases. The first phase is to meet the immediate need of waterproof shelter for people. The rainy season in Haiti is quickly approaching, and most people simply have poles and sheets to use as shelter. They need more. One of the immediate ways to meet this need is to provide quality waterproof tents for people. Through aHomeinHaiti.ORG, Shaun has a goal of sending 200,000 tents to Haiti. This can be done in a couple of ways… People can browse an Amazon store that has been set up to purchase an actual tent, or people can donate via PayPal any cash amount that will directly go to purchasing tents.

Personally, as a family, we are going to partner with 5 other families to purchase a larger tent. At church, we are going to challenge the kids and their families to bring in money to purchase another larger tent.

Now, here’s where all of you in the Elemental Children’s Ministry community come in! I’d like to be able to help facilitate enough money coming in to purchase yet another large tent. My goal is for, at least, $600 to come through all of you readers. The way I am asking you to do that is by donating directly to aHomeinHaiti.ORG via PayPal donation. No money that you donate via the PayPal link will come directly through me or Elemental Children’s Ministry.


You don’t have to have a PayPal account to donate. If you do have one, great… if not, you can donate via credit card. Simply click on the link above and follow the instructions.

I think this is a very tangible and practical way we can help the people in Haiti. I encourage you to tell other people (friends, families, etc.) about aHomeinHaiti.ORG.

(NOTE: Neither I nor Elemental Children’s Ministry is receiving any kind of compensation for promoting aHomeinHaiti.ORG. All monies being donated to aHomeinHaiti.ORG by clicking on the above links are going directly to aHomeinHaiti.ORG via links from their website.)


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