Think Orange Group Blog Project – Chapter 5: Skeeples and Lomes

Today we are looking at chapter five of Think Orange entitled “Skeeples and Lomes.” The contributor for this review is James Giroux. James works as the Student Ministries Cultural Architect at Cedarview Alliance Church in Barrhaven, Ontario, Canada where he designs creative environments and worship expereiences for students. You can check out James’ blog highlighting Life, Passion and Adventure by clicking here.

I have the unenviable task of writing a review on a poem. Lucky me! Before I get there though I have a few comments on the chapters that precede it. As I began to read Think Orange, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. As a Student Ministries guy my time tends to be focused on material centered around youth ministry. As I have begun to do some of these book reviews I have been slowly seeing a bigger picture and how integral family is to the success of what we do.

Reggie Joiner does a great job of disarming all the different camps in his opening comments and sets the stage for finding common ground between ministry leaders and families. I can say that he approaches the subject gracefully and with a sense of humor that is quite refreshing.

Reggie doesn’t come across as a know-it-all and Think Orange (so far) doesn’t have a ‘quick-fix’ feel to it. He outlines the problem quite well, that separate, the church and families will continue to struggle but that together they will begin to see breakthrough where it hasn’t been easy.

In Chapter 5 of Think Orange the creativity of people jumps out and the story of Skeeples and Lomes is born. It is a story of two groups, each with unique roles but who for too long have been separate and unwilling to work together. Their main job is to help youngsters grow up and stay away from the Cravat. A cave of goo.

Eventually one little one starts on a course toward the Cravat, gets caught in the goo and neither group, the Skeeples nor the Lomes are able to get them out on their own. Only by working together are they able to rescue the little ones from the goo.

As I reflect on my reading so far and the situations in my ministry life where I have been able to work with families in raising up young people that is when I have had the most success. When I can hang out with students and their dad at a movie or when parents are organizing opportunities for me to chill with students and spend time with them, that is when ministry is the most effective.

I will say that where I wrestle is putting what happens occasionally and with great success into some form of system that can be replicated. I believe that Think Orange will get there as the chapters go on but for now I am motivated and excited to continue working with families to see young people transformed by the life, passion and adventure of following Jesus.

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13 thoughts on “Think Orange Group Blog Project – Chapter 5: Skeeples and Lomes

  1. Tom Bump says:

    As I've read so far, I too confess I'm looking for something that will give the solid steps to go forward and begin implementing the Orange strategy in my Church. What I'm seeing so far and by reading others comments is that this is going to take much prayer and discussion with leaders and parents. We are going to have to break down walls and build bridges so that a true partnership can begin. We need to find things to celebrate and things that need to change so that we can partner together to impact future generations. The story was really sweet and it was the first time I'd read this. It is a real challenge to my heart, I'm going to have to pray about attending the Orange conference to learn more! Great Stuff!

  2. The poem was a fun break in the book, like Reggie says, "to explain the concept in a way that the child in all of us could appreciate." Hmmmm, seems like he knows most of us all too well……..

  3. Emily says:

    I think the poem could be a great resource to use in explaining the "Think Orange" concept to parents.

  4. Kendra says:

    Emily, I think they have a series of illustrations just for that. I don't know where it's available but I saw it a while back at at a conference.

  5. […] Think Orange Group Blog Project – Chapter 5: Skeeples and Lomes […]

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