Think Apple… The Fruit Not The… You Know

Go ahead and watch the above video. It’s worth the 9 and a half minutes. It’s from a general session at the Northwest Ministry Conference in 2009 where Leonard Sweet addresses how we look at scripture. I found the clip via the Out of Ur blog.

I like his contrast between taking scripture apart like you would an orange and taking scripture in story-sized chunks. I’ve blogged about it recently, but I do think that there is value in not losing the story aspects of scripture. I do sympathize with concerns over the fictionalization of the Bible, but we do need to be careful. We need both a historical/facts approach and a story/wonder approach to scripture.

  • How do you reconcile making sure kids know the Bible is true with capturing their imaginations?
  • Do you find it important to see scripture as story in addition to chapter and verse? How does that look like in your context?


2 thoughts on “Think Apple… The Fruit Not The… You Know

  1. Смеяться не грешно, но признаваться в этом при чтении подобной информации по крайней мере удивило меня!:))

  2. Гладко пишите, молодец, а я пока так не могу, коряво как-то выходит текст из под пера 🙂 Думаю, это исправить со временем.

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