Salvation from an Orthodox Christian perspective

A couple of days ago, Scot McKnight posted the following video on his blog:

So, what do you think?

While I didn’t agree completely with the theology in the video, it did get me thinking. It presented the Orthodox Church view of salvation pretty well. I liked the statement, “I was originally saved over 2000 years ago…” In evangelical Christianity, we spend so much time on the personal decision to follow Christ, that the power of what Christ did when he died and rose again seems somewhat downplayed. How do we teach kids that their salvation was purchased once and for all 2000 years ago while at the same time not losing sight of the recognition that we are saved by grace and works are an outpouring of that grace working within us?


One thought on “Salvation from an Orthodox Christian perspective

  1. Johnny Ehm says:

    The concept of the "was, am being, and will be" (past, present, future) facets of salvation is not new and it explains and explores the depth of the Christian concept. However, it seems to me the focus in this video is too much on what WE do, rather than on the work of Christ, especially with regards to the present and future salvation. Even so, I recognize there are passages that exhort us to "work out our salvation." Admitedly, it's hard to put all orthodoxy into 3 minutes, but I would have l like to see more of Christ's hand explained.

    I found the questions that were posed though to be difficult to follow (the first one I am sure does not even make grammatical sense – the need to do what? ). The topic in my mind shifted to our Christian duty and away from salvation, but perhaps I was missing the nuances. Overall though, I found the second half more confusing than illuminating.

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