Thinking About Black Friday taken from Buckhead Church blog HT: CatalystLeader)

Living in Canada now, I miss out on all the Black Friday craziness that ensues the day after Thanksgiving (um, that’s American Thanksgiving and not Canadian Thanksgiving, which for some odd reason happens the first Monday in October… but, hey! I get two excuses a year to eat turkey and pumpkin pie!). I remember getting up really early on Black Friday morning and joining the throngs of people to grab the best deals on stuff. Actually, I really didn’t care too much about the deals–I had more fun watching all the crazy people buying tons of stuff that wasn’t even on sale and running through stores to beat people to the cashier lines. Over the past few years, though, there’s been a greater awareness at the silliness of it all–the mass buying of stuff that we don’t need just because it’s on sale.

This year, why not consider doing something different. Now, I’m not saying you can’t go out on Black Friday. What I am saying is not to get caught up in the buy, buy, buy, get, get, get, more, more, more mentality that possesses people on this crazy-weird day. A friend of mine, Charles Lee, offers some great advice when it comes to Black Friday. Hop on over to his blog and read his post. Here are some highlights from it:

  • Plan Ahead and Minimize Compulsive Shopping
  • Consider Who You Are Buying From
  • Consider Alternatives for Good

At my church, we are adapting curriculum from the Advent Conspiracy to help the children here put more thought into what they give for Christmas and why they give and what they are celebrating. We are encouraging families to spend less by making gifts or coming up with creative gifts that can be given. We are also giving families the chance to take the extra money they aren’t spending and peruse World Vision Gift Catalogue and purchase something that will go to help communities in underprivileged areas of the world.

There are lots of ways to make the upcoming Christmas season more meaningful. I encourage you to find those and follow through with them.

Are you doing something to help families and children make Christmas more meaningful this year? What is it? Share your ideas with the readers of Elemental Children’s Ministry!

Take a look at this video from Advent Conspiracy (BTW, Advent starts this weekend!):


4 thoughts on “Thinking About Black Friday

  1. charlestlee says:

    Thanks for the link 🙂 Loved the Buckhead video…just added it to my post. Hope you're doing well.

  2. Johnny Ehm says:

    Being a Canadian, black Friday is a bit foreign to me aside from the news reports of people trampling one another to get a DVD player. Regarding doing something different at Christmas, I've been thinking of asking relatives to buy something from World Vision or International Justice Missions instead of getting me a gift. But it is awkward, and the suggestion likely would be less than warmly received. Perhaps somewhere to start – for relatives for whom we have routinely bought gifts but from whom we do not get gifts, we thought we would instead make a donation on their behalf. Of course, there is the awkward part of who gets to keep the charitable donation tax receipt…

    • henryjz says:

      Yeah, many of my friends up there scratch their heads over the Black Friday thing. But, hey, Canadians have Boxing Day! (That’s the day after Christmas for those of you Americans.)

      Thx for your ideas.

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