Focus on Parenting Conference Session 1 – Mark Holmen

  • 9:53 AM henryjz – The conference kicked off with Matthew West leading worship.
  • 10:03 AM henryjz – Mark Holmen is being introduced by Juli Slattery
  • 10:07 AM henryjz – Stats: 61% of 20’s who went to church as kids are disengaged spiritually
  • 10:08 AM henryjz – #1 reason 20’s walk away from faith is “hypocrisy”
  • 10:14 AM henryjz – What every household needs most is to bring Christ-like living into the home… we just don’t know how because we’re 4 generations removed
  • 10:14 AM henryjz – There are no bad parents, really… just parents who have no clue about how to pass on faith because they didn’t grow up with it
  • 10:16 AM henryjz – From Deut… Moses was saying that how you decide to follow God will impact your children and your grandchildren… that’s what we see today
  • 10:17 AM henryjz – The good news is that if you choose today to follow Christ 24/7, that will impact your children for the positive!
  • 10:20 AM henryjz – Are you in love with God?
  • 10:20 AM henryjz – Do ppl who know you would say that you are in love with God?
  • 10:21 AM henryjz – Try this: ask your kids who they think you love?
  • 10:22 AM henryjz – Love the Lord your God with all YOUR heart, soul, mind, strength… it says this before it tells you to pass it on to your kids
  • 10:23 AM henryjz – You can’t pass something you don’t have to your kids
  • 10:26 AM henryjz – Mark telling story of how when he was youth pastor he thought that he did better job than parents because he was cooler and had cooler programs
  • 10:31 AM henryjz – Found out that youth pastor was WAY down on the list of influences in spirituality… mom and dad were number 1 and 2!
  • 10:33 AM henryjz – 48% of churched youth said mom was spiritual
  • 10:34 AM henryjz – 29% have done a family service project
  • 10:34 AM henryjz – 28% have talked with mom about faith
  • 10:34 AM henryjz – 13% have talked with dad about faith
  • 10:36 AM henryjz – vs 12 of deut… be careful that you do not forget the Lord… he is the source
  • 10:38 AM henryjz – We need to be careful that we don’t forget the reason we have is because God has blessed us… we need to thank him
  • 10:41 AM henryjz – We are called to be ppl who know story, tell the story and be the story
  • 10:45 AM henryjz – Mark telling the story of when he learned how to bless his children… speaker said that they would regularly pray a benediction over their children… when daughter went to college, she asked for their blessing
  • 10:48 AM henryjz – Mark started blessing his children and they have started blessing him… believing that they will bless their own children when they get married and have them
  • 10:49 AM henryjz – Even if you are older and have grandchildren, you need to bless your adult children… it’s not too late

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