Global Leadership Summit Session 7 – Chip and Dan Heath

  • 4:42 PM henryjz – Think about the situation ppl are in… getting the elephant to move is easier if you sculpt the path downhill
  • 4:39 PM henryjz – When commitment is a problem, it might not be a personal problem but a situation problem.
  • 4:37 PM henryjz – Failure can be an early warning sign for success in that process.
  • 4:37 PM henryjz – Built into a growth mindset is the expectation of failure.
  • 4:36 PM henryjz – In a time of change, failure is a necessity.
  • 4:34 PM henryjz – if ppl have been forewarned that there is going to be difficulty, then they are able to recognize that the difficulty is part of the process
  • 4:34 PM henryjz – how do you deal with the setbacks and failures in the midst of change
  • 4:32 PM henryjz – we need to prepare people to deal with tough times… tough times tend to keep ppl from continuing in the direction they are going
  • 4:31 PM henryjz – what can we do to keep the elephant moving in the right direction?
  • 4:31 PM henryjz – if you feel like you are making headway, then that is a sign you are moving the elephant… if you feel discouraged and demoralized, then you need to do something different
  • 4:30 PM henryjz – maybe start with a bible study about integrity in the workplace that is once a week located downtown…
  • 4:30 PM henryjz – 20-somethings have a variety of things in their lives that make reaching them really big
  • 4:29 PM henryjz – How can you shrink change in losing 20 somethings from church?
  • 4:28 PM henryjz – Change many times is so big so we need to break it down into small things that can be done
  • 4:25 PM henryjz – Shrink the change
  • 4:25 PM henryjz – “Big problems, small solutions…”
  • 4:20 PM henryjz – It is similar to counseling situations… you look at the times things are going well and try to reproduce those conditions
  • 4:19 PM henryjz – If you have an organization in a time of change, you need to focus on what is working rather than looking at the weak spots, and learn from those “bright spots”
  • 4:15 PM henryjz – Change is like a human rider on a 6 ton elephant… you have to align the goals of the elephant and the rider for change to happen
  • 4:14 PM henryjz – Change is filled with conflict.
  • 4:08 PM henryjz – Craig Groeschel video intro for Chip and Dan

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