Global Leadership Summit Session 4 – David Gergen

  • 12:29 PM henryjz – Each of us has a role in life to bring a log to the fire of life
  • 12:27 PM henryjz – 3. receive good anchors for life that keep me grounded
  • 12:23 PM henryjz – 2. learn something from the readings or from the message
  • 12:22 PM henryjz – 1. come to a place where i can find inner peace in a way that is about something larger than me
  • 12:22 PM henryjz – 3 things:
  • 12:21 PM henryjz – hybels – what do you hope is going to happen in you when you go to church?
  • 12:21 PM henryjz – habits that are important: self discipline, physically fit, building time in day to reflect, build time to be with people you cherish and who cherish you
  • 12:18 PM henryjz – it’s about self-discipline… regular habits
  • 12:17 PM henryjz – hybels – what are personal habits of leaders? do they matter?
  • 12:16 PM henryjz – the end should come back with emotion… if you want to inspire ppl to do things, then you need to get them “up” emotionally to act
  • 12:15 PM henryjz – introduce some emotion before getting to the message, which is the “reason” part of your speech
  • 12:15 PM henryjz – your ethos should be established in your introduction
  • 12:14 PM henryjz – hybels-what should the flow be?
  • 12:14 PM henryjz – good speech should be no more than 15-20 minutes
  • 12:14 PM henryjz – Aristotle… 3 elements to a good speach: believe-ability of the speaker, is there compelling logic to the speech and is there an emotional connect
  • 12:13 PM henryjz – same goes the other way around
  • 12:12 PM henryjz – Your willingness to listen to people depends on your trust of them… are they authentic and do they know what they are talking about
  • 12:10 PM henryjz – Communication includes symbolism
  • 12:09 PM henryjz – Leadership is increasingly about trust and communication
  • 12:08 PM henryjz – “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
  • 12:08 PM henryjz – leaders need to learn to partner and collaborate with leaders outside of their group
  • 12:07 PM henryjz – leaders get the best results when they have a good team of other leaders
  • 12:07 PM henryjz – leadership doesn’t have to be lonely… those days are over
  • 12:06 PM henryjz – MLK was good example… he had a messy private life… he always told people that he wasn’t perfect
  • 12:03 PM henryjz – how does one bring alignmnet between your public and private lives?
  • 12:03 PM henryjz – a lot of ppl aren’t going to conquer their flaws, but we need to make sure they need to be in enough control that they don’t derail us or harm us or others
  • 12:02 PM henryjz – we need to be self aware and recognize that we all have a dark side
  • 12:02 PM henryjz – gergen- not all leaders carry ‘great’ flaws… all of us are flawed, though
  • 12:00 PM henryjz – hybels- great leaders carry great flaws… is that true?
  • 12:00 PM henryjz – Clinton: he had cracks in his character (that he was working on) but they came out… he should’ve come clean and asked for forgiveness instead of hiding
  • 11:58 AM henryjz – Reagan: his detatchment… he would sometimes let people put their hands on the wheel
  • 11:57 AM henryjz – Ford: with the niceness, there was a bit of naivete and he was taken advantage of at times
  • 11:57 AM henryjz – Nixon: there was a ‘very’ dark side to him… that if those trying to appeal to his dark side won would bring him down
  • 11:56 AM henryjz – Hybels- what were some of these presidents’ weaknesses
  • 11:55 AM henryjz – “Sometimes the right hand does not know what the far right hand is doing.” -Reagan
  • 11:53 AM henryjz – Reagan: the best leader in White House since FDR… he had contagious optimism about life
  • 11:52 AM henryjz – Clinton was very resilient
  • 11:51 AM henryjz – Clinton: very bright… quick and tactical mind
  • 11:51 AM henryjz – Ford continues to look better and better through the rearview mirror of history
  • 11:51 AM henryjz – Gergen- no… we have come to prize ppl who are decent
  • 11:50 AM henryjz – Hybels- Is it possible to be too decent to be a good leader
  • 11:50 AM henryjz – Ford: most decent president… you didn’t have to be careful of your back
  • 11:50 AM henryjz – Someone who can see farther back can see farther ahead – Churchill
  • 11:49 AM henryjz – Nixon: best strategist… could look into future and see how history going to unfold and try to bend history
  • 11:49 AM henryjz – Hybels- What is most admirable quality of each presidents you worked under?
  • 11:48 AM henryjz – Leaders take time to step away for reflection and to get perspective
  • 11:46 AM henryjz – When you’re on the dance floor, it’s good sometimes to go up on the balcony and take a look at the dance that’s taking place.
  • 11:44 AM henryjz – The best leaders think carefully about what they want to do, choose their goals, and tenaciously go after those goal while receiving constant feedback
  • 11:43 AM henryjz – Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers -Harry Truman (former US President)
  • 11:43 AM henryjz – Reflective Practitioner – leading in practice, reading, and reflecting
  • 11:41 AM henryjz – You need to become a reflective practitioner
  • 11:41 AM henryjz – Gergen- You have to get better, whether you are born with it or not
  • 11:41 AM henryjz – Can leaders learn and get better? How does that happen? -Hybels
  • 11:40 AM henryjz – If you’re in a leadership position it’s not about creating leaders but more about creating a culture of leadership where people build into each other
  • 11:40 AM henryjz – A teacher of leadership cannot produce a leader. What you can do is make ppl aware of the principles of leadership and role models
  • 11:38 AM henryjz – Interview between Hybels and Gergen
  • 11:36 AM henryjz – Video intro for David Gergen

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