Global Leadership Summit Session 2 – Bono

  • 10:15 PM henryjz – There’s always resistance to the journey of equality. -Bono
  • 10:13 PM henryjz – Church tends to separate itself from people… know for what they are against rather than what they are for
  • 10:06 PM henryjz – “I go where the Light is.” -Bono
  • 10:05 PM henryjz – Bono uses fear of denominationalism as his “excuse”
  • 10:05 PM henryjz – Hybels is challenging Bono’s engagement in the Church
  • 10:05 PM henryjz – The recent bank and auto bailouts are an example that people starving in underprivileged areas of the world aren’t a crisis
  • 10:03 PM henryjz – back to Bono
  • 10:03 PM henryjz – “Why did it take a rock star?” -one of the pastors there
  • 10:03 PM henryjz – $100,000 still came in after that offering
  • 10:02 PM henryjz – the goal was $165,000 and they thought that was lofty; what was collected was $500,000
  • 10:00 PM henryjz – people mobilized and found ways they could contribute from kids selling lemonade to a couple sacrificing money they were going to use for fertility treatments
  • 10:00 PM henryjz – committed to raising money to build a pediatric wing in Malawi
  • 9:57 PM henryjz – profiling Whittier Area Community Church in Whittier, CA
  • 9:56 PM henryjz – Intuition is greater than intellect -Bono
  • 9:53 PM henryjz – back to bono
  • 9:52 PM henryjz – they now commit to make sure that efforts of “missions” are represented in high quality
  • 9:50 PM henryjz – they used to spend most of their efforts on helping people on their spiritual journey and neglected meeting the needs of the poorest of the poor
  • 9:48 PM henryjz – profiling Eaglebrook Community Church in Minneapolis, MN
  • 9:47 PM henryjz – had called the church “a sleeping giant” but didn’t realize how fast that giant could get up and run
  • 9:46 PM henryjz – bono is impressed at the progression of the church to wake up to the plight of the poor since the last time he joined in the lead summit
  • 9:42 PM henryjz – And the Bono video has started

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