The Best Leaders are Broken Leaders

Take a look at this video put together by a friend of mine, Robin Dugall. It’s a bit long but take the time to meditate on what it communicates.

The Tale of Three Kings was an instrumental book in my leadership journey. Soon into my career as a pastor, I reached a very humbling and hurtful time that took my off guard and had the potential to cause me to leave vocational ministry and never look back. I had read Tale of Three Kings before and thought it was a nice book. I picked it up again, and was challenged to live through the pain and learn through it. It also put me in my place by reminding me that, not only was I feeling oppressed by a Saul, I had a “Saul” within me that needed to be crucified as well.

It is one of my pet peeves when I hear people (especially those in vocational ministry) infer that life isn’t hard when you are in God’s will. It is hard… and many times you want to give up. What you have to do in those hard times is choose to trust God and learn from him. It makes you a better person, a better leader and more able to face the next hard thing that will inevitably come your way.


2 thoughts on “The Best Leaders are Broken Leaders

  1. I read this book this summer in order to lead our 3 interns through a discussion on it. I too resonated with it’s concepts – the interns not so much….likely because they are not yet church leadership: still students.

    I felt myself, at times, say “Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like.” At other times I needed to admit that I was being the Absolam. Thanks for posting this.


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