Shift by Brian Haynes Goes on a Book Blog Tour

If you’re wondering what a Book Blog Tour is, it’s when a book “tours” different blogs. Still confused? OK… here’s what happens: A book review for a certain book shows up on different blogs over the course of a few days. Usually, each day one review from each of the participating blogs shows up until the book has made its tour through all of the participating blogs.

Shift by Brian Haynes is having its very own book blog tour beginning October 1 and wrapping up on October 12.

Here is a list of bloggers and tour dates (I will update links as the reviews get posted):

October 1 – Liz Perraud

October 2 – James Giroux

October 3 – Lorraine Seaman

October 4 – Larry Shallenberger

October 5 – Tim Inman

October 6 – Joshua Simpson

October 7 – Micah Foster

October 8 – Amy Dolan

October 9 – Jesse Smith

October 10 – Michael Chanley

October 11 – Gina McClain

October 12 – Henry Zonio

I encourage to check each review as they come out since each person will have their unique impressions and opinions of the book. You can follow me on Twitter to find out when each review is posted.

Here is Group’s description of the book:

“Whether you have a full-blown family ministry in place or you’re just getting started, Shift gives you a practical, workable plan that equips parents to be faith influencers in their homes–and you won’t have to reconfigure your entire ministry to make it happen! Shift gets you in gear with tools that make better use of seven rites of passage your church is most likely already celebrating…already marking as families move through their faith journey together.

  • The Birth of a Baby
  • Faith Commitment
  • Preparing for Adolescence
  • Commitment to Purity
  • Passage to Adulthood
  • High School Graduation
  • Life in Christ

As you tap into the natural patterns of child development and family, you’ll motivate parents when they’re most open to shaping their children’s faith. Shift puts family discipleship—at church and at home—on one simple, common path. One home at a time, you can move a fledgling family ministry effort to one that’s firing on all 6 cylinders! This is a family ministry approach that’s attainable and sustainable.”

If you’re ready to check out the book for yourself, you can order it by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Shift by Brian Haynes Goes on a Book Blog Tour

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