A Parent's Plea of What Not to Send Home With a Kid From Church

(photo originally uploaded to Flickr by Carissa GoodNCrazy)

I read this today on Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like blog. Go ahead and hop on over there. It’s pretty funny.

The list includes things like marshmallows, wet paint and glitter.

Putting the humor aside for a short while, we should be asking ourselves the questions:

  • What are we sending kids home with?
  • Are parents equipped to know what their kids are learning about at church and carry on those discussions at home?
  • Are we simply sending kids home with cutesy, yet annoying, take homes that end up in the trash or on a list on someone’s blog?

OK, back to being humorous… I echo Jon’s cry, “Long live Crayola!” Yes, they’re more expensive but there’s just something about those wonderful crayons…

BTW, Jon, one sure way to make those changes is to maybe volunteer more than twice in children’s ministry 😉

On a side note, Stuff Christian’s Like is an amazing example that content is king. It’s a no-frills Blogger blog but has great material. It’s not how the blog looks as much as what is in it.


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