Ah, the Memories!

I got this from our worship pastor and thought I’d share it with you all!

I loved Psalty the Singing Songbook when I was a kid! My brother and I would wear out the tapes listening to them when we went to bed, in the car, and wherever people would let us play them.

Is there a Psalty equivalent today? Do we need one? Just wondering…


3 thoughts on “Ah, the Memories!

  1. That is soooooo creepy.

  2. Christen says:

    No. There is not a current equivalent! Veggie Tales does not come close and Adventures in Odyssey, while morally elevating and entertaining, doesn't hold a candle to Psalty.
    Yes, I may be a bit biased as I am waiting not so patiently until the day that I can afford to buy all the CD's off the Psalty website because I worn my tapes out. But Psalty was the MAN! er…I mean…the BOOK!
    Who else could teach me 26 verses in one song? Or instill in me the reasons why I should wear my Armour and not eat so much candy? Not to mention the great lessons I learned from the 'take-your-time machine' and the 'Musicquizzical Quilt' and the 'Psalty Scope'!!!

    ok..I'm done….you can stop rolling your eyes now!!

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