A Dream of a Host

I recently switched hosting companies for Elemental Children’s Ministry because my previous hosting plan was expiring, and they had raised their fee substantially. I switched over to Dreamhost on a recommendation from reading John Saddinton’s blog over at Human3rror.com.

Switching was relatively easy when I got all my files over. I did most of the transferring manually (Google is great for finding directions to do that). Otherwise, I’m sure I could’ve worked with tech support to get stuff moved over.

I discovered something really cool about Dreamhost yesterday that I’m sure is true of other hosting companies. Once you pay for a hosting account, you can host an unlimited number of domains on it. That means you can have multiple blogs or sites on multiple domains by paying for one hosting account! Now that may not mean much to some, but if you own multiple domains and/or have multiple blogs, this is really nice. (I’m probably sounding like a newbie.)

Now, the other kicker is the price. If you sign up for a year, the regular price is $119.40, which might seem like a lot. They do a number of sales and promotions, though, throughout the year so I was able to sign up at a HUGE discount and ended up paying about $10 for the year. You can keep an eye on their site for other sales, or you can sign up or transfer now for $25 for the year by using discount code elementalcm when you sign up or you can click here.

For those of you who are tech savvy, there is a lot you can control and customize. For those of you who aren’t they try and make it easy for you, too. They also have an extensive set of articles to help you figure things out. Dreamhost isn’t a perfect hosting company, but hey for $25 for the year (which I believe includes one free domain) with unlimited storage… Now, you might not be able to host a site that gets hundreds of thousands of hits per day, but for things like children’s ministry blogs and such it works.

What are you waiting for? Start a blog! Switch over! Or not…

BTW, if you do click over from one of the links here, the discount only works on 1 year prepaid. It has the full price listed, but when you go to checkout, it should show the discount. If all else fails, just enter elementalcm in the discount code section before you checkout.


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