And… We're Back… I Think!

Well, I transferred Elemental Children’s Ministry over to a new server a couple of days ago thinking that, initially, things would’ve been smooth. Um, no! Stupid, stupid me! Well, after the site being down for over 24 hours, I think that is is working OK now. We’ll see as time goes on.

I made a pretty newbie mistake, forgetting that there is a whole database of information that WordPress uses for settings and posts and such. I didn’t transfer that over. Then when I went to do that, I didn’t have access to the database so I had to have my previous hosting dump the database into a file for me to use. Then I found that the file was too big for me to simply upload and had to find a work around! Yay for Big Dump! (If you don’t know what that is, pray that you don’t ever need to. And, yes, I know what it sounds like.) Anyway, all that to say that everything should be working again… Knock on wood! or silicon!

And, now back to your regularly scheduled program!


One thought on “And… We're Back… I Think!

  1. […] I recently switched hosting companies for Elemental Children’s Ministry because my previous hosting plan was expiring, and they had raised their fee substantially. I switched over to Dreamhost on a recommendation from reading John Saddinton’s blog over at […]

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