Desktop Wallpaper Bliss

(graphic take from

Since beginning to follow John Saddington‘s blog, I’ve noticed that he likes to change up his desktop wallpaper once a month. He claims it’s to spark creativity. At first, I wasn’t too keen on doing something like that until I discovered two things: Kenny Conley started doing it (and I want to be like Kenny when I grow up) and there is a setting on my computer that allows my desktop wallpaper to cycle through a group of graphics at different time intervals!!!

So what I do is download my favourite wallpapers for the month from Smashing Magazine into a folder and then pick that folder from my wallpaper settings and set it to rotate through that folder… viola, and ADD haven of creativity!!!

I’ll have to do a screencast of how to do this on a Mac and post that up later. Right now, I am typing this in a room with my wife reading her Ted Dekker book and my two youngest taking a nap… not a good time to do a screencast…

For now, go ahead and download some fun June desktop wallpapers. Share in the comments your favourite ones… or maybe some other sites to find fun desktop wallpapers.


7 thoughts on “Desktop Wallpaper Bliss

  1. kennyconley says:

    Wow. I must have arrived and no one told me. Henry wants to be like me when he grows up. Ha!

    I'll take a screenshot of my June desktop and post it later today. I've got some desktop cleaning to do first and I'd be embarrassed for anyone to see how cluttered it has gotten. This monthly screenshot thing has been really good accountability for me.

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