Blast From The Past: Jon and Kate Plus 8 Go to Church


With me being gone this week, I thought I’d repost one of the most popular posts from the past year. It’s a short post about the episode from Jon and Kate Plus 8 where they go to church. With the recent tabloid mudslinging going on towards the Gosselins, it might be refreshing to see a nicer picture of them.


(photo take from

Erin and I have started watching a TLC show called Jon & Kate Plus 8. If you’re not familiar with the program, it follows the Gosselin family of ten: 2 parents, a set of twins and a set of sextuplets!

We’ve been having fun watching them lately because we have realized that they are just a normal family… except with 8 kids! Last night we watched an episode where they went to church and then on a picnic. As I watched them drop the kids off in the nursery, I was thinking to myself… “What would I do if a family with sextuplets arrived at my church? God bless those volunteers!!” Six kids all crying to not leave mom and dad only to have fun as soon as mom and dad left… sound familiar? (That is, except for the six kids…)


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