Dam About to Burst?

(picture originally uploaded to Flickr by iDanSimpson)

I’m sure you’ve all been there. You’re watching a movie, you’ve drunk too much, and you’ve got to… you know… use the facilities. The only thing is you’re not sure when a good time to go is. You don’t want to miss anything good, so you sit there until you can’t sit any longer. When you come back, your movie-going partner states that you’ve missed “the best part” of the movie!

If only there was a way to know when a good time to go empty your bladder was?

Well, there is! I was listening to net@night and Leo and Amber highlighted a wonderful new site called RunPee.com. It is a site that lets you know when there are some good times to leave a movie so you can get rid of that excess fluid generated by your kidneys. There aren’t many movies on there right now, but it is growing. Apparently, you can join the army of reviewers and submit your very own “pee times” to the site.

Just thought this would be a fun and useful link for those times you are out doing some “kid culture research” at the movie theatre and find that you need to avail yourself of the facilities.


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