What Do You Ooze?

(picture originally uploaded to Flickr by Lacrymosa)

Mark Batterson had a post entitled “Finding Your Voice” on his blog a couple of weeks ago. Here is an excerpt:

“One part of finding your voice is identifying your life themes. C.S. Lewis said, ‘Every life is comprised of a few themes.’ Over time you identify those unique God-given convictions that drive you. For example, there are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet. That is one of my themes. A life theme isn’t something you know. It’s something you ooze out of your pores. It’s not something you define. It’s something that defines you. It’s more than head-knowledge. It’s a gut-conviction.”

One of my themes is to look at what is happening in culture and the direction the church seems to be going in and finding out how all of that affects how we minister to children and families. That is what this blog is about.

What is your theme? What oozes out of your pores?


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