Movie Review: Fireproof

Fireproof is the second movie put out by the same people who made Facing the Giants and stars Kirk Cameron who I will always see as Michael Sievers on the 1980s TV show Growing Pains.

I remember hearing about Fireproof when it first came out in September 2008. I have to be honest and say that my reaction was, “Oh great! Another ‘Christian’ movie.” If you’ve know me or have read my blog for a while, you already know that is my default response to Christian entertainment. I was also turned off by all the hype it was getting. Recently, though, a number of couples in our church had seen the movie and reacted positively to the movie. Some had even suggested showing the movie at church to a larger audience. So, I thought I’d have to be fair and watch the movie before passing further judgement on it.

With the rest of my family being in California this week, I took the opportunity to have a relaxing Sunday afternoon and watch the movie.

My one-sentence review:

“It wasn’t horrible.”

Now, that might seem like a bad review, but for a “Christian movie” that is a good review from me. This was a definite improvement from Facing the Giants.

I could go on and describe all the parts that made me roll my eyes or cringe like a few moments of bad acting, some artificial dialogue, and coming really close to oversimplifying the complex issues of bringing a marriage back from the brink of divorce. I’ll simply leave my criticism there.

On the positive end, I was rather surprised by the movie. I was expecting yet another cheesy and horribly written moral tale. What I saw was a pretty good attempt at making a traditional evangelical view of relationships and marriage fit a broader audience. The movie also did a fair job of trying to get the audience to empathize with the main characters.

Fireproof presents the importance of commitment within a marriage as well as what it means to sacrificially love your spouse without overdoing the moralizing too much. I think that this movie would be appropriate to show an audience of Christ-followers as a catalyst to help married couples communicate with each other surrounding issues of self-sacrifice, unconditional love, respect and generosity towards each other.

You can check out all things Fireproof at the movie website. You can also order Fireproof from Amazon as well as the book that is referenced in the movie, The Love Dare.


3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Fireproof

  1. My review:

    "It didn't suck."

  2. rob says:

    I thought the acting was not all that great. Kurt C. saved the movie on this one. I actually thought Facing the Giants was better though Fireproof did spark some conversations.

    This church actually did a movie before Facing the Giants called Flywheel. It was pretty good inspite of the bad acting.

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