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I wanted to share a tool that I use for blogging that has facilitated my ability to put up at least one blog post a day for the past couple of months. It is called Blogo.

Blogo is an offline desktop client for the Mac that allows you to write, edit and format blog posts. I first heard about it as one of the picks of the week on MacBreak Weekly. Up until then, I had been using the online WordPress interface. Now, the WP online interface isn’t bad, but it is online. You can’t access it when you are offline. The WP interface also has to be accessed via your web browser, which is a deterrent for me. (I don’t know why… I’m just weird that way.)

I thought I’d give Blogo a try. I bought it and really didn’t do anything with it for a few months. I kept blogging via the WordPress interface. Finally, I took the plunge (since I did pay for the program) and experimented with Blogo. Within minutes, I knew that I would never go back.

At first, Blogo seems simplistic based on the icons and interface. As I started using it, though, I appreciated that simplicity. I was able to focus on what I was writing. Blogo works with the ease of a simple word processor. You can easily insert pictures by simply dragging and dropping. You can even tag and categorize your post as well as schedule when the posts get published all in Blogo. When you are done, you hit “Post” and everything (pictures, links, and all) are uploaded to your blog! The time it takes me to put up a post has dramatically decreased as well as the number of steps it takes to put up a post.

There are some other features in Blogo, but you can check those out on your own. As for me, it has become a very useful blogging tool. I highly recommend it.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Tool

  1. jonathan says:

    Looks like a cool tool, but does it tie in the SEO data that the WordPress All-in-one SEO widget does?

    • Henry Zonio says:

      I don't believe it does. It is a relatively new program and they are constantly updating it and responding to suggestions. You can assign tags and categories, but you cannot alter the title tags and such.

      I use SEO Title Tag, so after I upload and it opens up the preview in my blog, I simply go and make the changes for SEO Title Tag. Not sure it that part is time-saving, but I still end up avoiding having to type and format my post in the WP interface.

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