Are You a Part of the VBSeratti?

As I was reading through my Bloglines subscriptions, I ran across this post from the Stuff Christians Like blog. Before you read any further, click on the picture above and read the blog post. I thought it was hilarious!

Did you read it? No? Well, go read it! You miss the entire reason for my blog post if you don’t!

Read it? OK, good. Just thought I’d post something fun for today. I’ll be back with a zinger of a post tomorrow.

If you have never heard of Stuff Christians Like, you need to stop what you are doing (yes, even if you are busy… that is unless your wife is giving birth right now… what are you doing even reading this?!?) and go read the plethora of posts there. Then subsribe to the blog via Bloglines or Google Reader or some other newsreader so you can get all the Stuff Christians Like blog goodness. John Acuff is a talented and funny writer who gets the humour in what we do in church world and isn’t afraid to laugh at himself. He even has a book coming out soon, from Zondervan, based on all the funny stuff on Stuff Christians Like.

BTW, his comment about glitter reminded me of Demetri Martin and the video below (note: this is a PG/PG-13 rated video for language… just so you don’t watch it with your little kiddos or you senior pastor… and, oh yeah, the glitter comment is about 7 minutes into the video but the whole thing is funny):

So what are you doing for VBS or day camp or other summer programming?

What are you recruiting strategies for your summer programming?


2 thoughts on “Are You a Part of the VBSeratti?

  1. jabberfrog says:

    I loved that post so much I sent a link to all my friends. I reminded them of the fact that I'm NOT recruiting them for VBS this year and they can thank me with a Starbucks. πŸ™‚

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