Happy May Day!

(photo orginally uploaded to Flickr by lambchops)

I thought I’d wish the Elemental Children’s Ministry blog community a Happy May Day! (Not the protesting kind of May Day but the Here’s-a-Flower kind of May Day.)

While things aren’t in bloom up here in the Great White North, I hope they are in your neck of the woods… or dessert or plains or mountains or whatever… Whether they are or not, I encourage you to give someone some flowers and brighten their day.

Hey, here’s a challenge!!! Give someone flowers, take a pic or something of it, put it on Flickr or Facebook or SmugMug or Picassa or somewhere, and link to it in the comments with a story of who you gave the flowers to, why, and what the person(s) reaction was. Looking forward to reading your stories and seeing your pics!!


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