A New Network Is Forming

There is a new network of individuals and churches headed by Mosaic, Newsong and Vintage Faith along with a number of other people. Rather than me trying to define what this network is about, here is the text from the newly redesigned website:

Our Vision: This network is a community of followers of Jesus who are passionate about seeing people know God and experience life as He intended. As we are guided by the Scriptures we will inspire one another to embrace innovation and creativity as a means to fulfill this mission.

Our Passions: Jesus, Humanity, and Innovation

Jesus: Jesus and the inspired Scriptures are our guide for everything we do.

Humanity: God ‘s extreme love for people infuses this mission with urgency.

Innovation: Creativity will be normative for our mission.

I am really excited about this network. I first heard about it on Scot McKnight’s blog in talking about a “Third Way” to live out Christianity. Since then, I’ve read about it on Eric Bryant’s and Dan Kimball’s blogs.

This past week, The Origins Project was officially launched as part of Catalyst West Coast.

If you resonate with the vision of The Origins Project, jump onto the website and join the community and get involved in the groups and discussions there. I’ve started a group called Third Culture Children’s Ministry to further the discussion about missional children’s ministry.

Hope to see some of you there!


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