Book Review: Christianity Today Study Series: Faith and Pop Culture

This study guide tackles the issue of how to deal with popular culture and what criteria we use to make entertainment choices. It is meant to be completed over a series of eight sessions in a small group setting covering questions like:

  • Are movies the art form of our day? And if so, how do they connect with Christian faith?
  • Must all entertainment Christians enjoy be “family friendly?”
  • How do we decide what–or whether–to watch?
  • And more!

Each week there is an article from Christianity Today that explores the topic to be discussed. Sessions begin with an activity to help participants focus on the topic at hand. The study guide then steers participants through discussions around the main topic, scriptures pertinent to the topic as well as questions that challenge biases towards different forms of media entertainment.

This study guide is a great introduction into thinking critically about movies, TV and even sports choices. The Christianity Today articles provoke readers to engage in the subject matter. Another aspect I appreciated was that it allows participants to think through their own answers rather than be spoon-fed Christian colloquialisms.

You can pick up this study guide from your local bookstore or from an online retailer like


One thought on “Book Review: Christianity Today Study Series: Faith and Pop Culture

  1. Henry Zonio says:

    Thanks to Thomas Nelson for providing this study for me to review.

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