Eugene Cho Chimes in on the importance of impacting children

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One of my strengths as identified by Strengths Finder is Input. That means I like assimilating lots of information from lots of different sources and from lots of different disciplines. In other words, I’m an information junkie. And, yes, I like Trivia Pursuit.

One of my morning routines is to peruse through the many different blogs I subscribe to via Bloglines. (BTW, if you aren’t using a newsreader to read blogs, then you need to!) Some blogs I simply read through their titles to see if something interesting pops up. With others, I read them regardless of the title. Eugene Cho’s blog is one of those blogs. He is an uber blogger, which means he has at least one post up per day. I am trying to do that. (There’s a secret to it… Write a whole smack of them at once and schedule them to come out once a day!)

Today’s post from Eugene hit a chord in my heart and had me singing Alleluia… OK, maybe I wasn’t singing it loudly, but it sounded really loud in my head. Eugene shared the story of a NYC school kids’ chorus group called PS22 Chorus.

As I perused through their blog and read the comments of the kids in PS22 Chorus, you got the clear sense that “Mr. B” (Greg Breinberg, the music teacher at P.S.22 in NYC) is passionate about teaching music to children and he imparts that passion to the children he teaches through his belief in them as well as modeling it for them. He truly believes that music can change a persons life and that it can permeate all aspects of life, bringing hope and joy when things are down. Here is a New York Times article from December about PS22 Chorus.

Hmmm, isn’t there something else that can permeate all aspects of our lives, brining hope and joy when thing are down… as well as direction when life seems chaotic… as well as a friend who is always there no matter what…??

I don’t know where Greg Breinberg is in his spiritual journey, but we can learn a lot from him in how to bring a sense of life, passion and adventure when it comes to following Jesus to the kids and families we come in contact with.

Eugene quoted noted historical abolitionist Fredrick Douglass:

It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men (grown-ups).


Take a look at this video of the PS22 Chorus singing their version of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida (which Eugene posted on his blog as well) and be inspired and challenged by how you can impart that kind of passion about following Christ to the kids and families you come in contact with.


2 thoughts on “Eugene Cho Chimes in on the importance of impacting children

  1. This is a great posting from Cho – thanks for sharing it. I think there is so much to learn and the quote from Douglass is great!

    Thanks as always

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