Finger Cramp!!!

OK, there’s been a lot of heavier stuff the past few days… This one’s on the lighter side and doesn’t even really have anything to do with children’s ministry… other than most of us type.

I ran across this post at Human3rror about testing your typing speed. Here are my results:

73 words

I was pretty humbled by those results, and my fingers were cramped after doing the test a few times to get that result.

You can try out the test here. Be warned, stretch out those fingers beforehand and be ready to use self control to stop repeating the test.

What’s your score?


4 thoughts on “Finger Cramp!!!

  1. Jill Nelson says:

    84 on the first try 🙂 Thanks to all those years of typing in school… started with just a piece of paper and color coded keys/fingers (we were so high tech in those days) and then were promoted to keyboards that weren't attached to computers. And finally… a visit to the computer lab!!!

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